Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is important. Here you will find what information is needed from you, how it is kept, why it is kept, how long it is kept for and who will have access to your information.

What information is kept and why?

Name (first and last) - To know whose wedding is to be attended and who is requiring services.

Contact number - A contact number is requested to be used in case of emergency only, unless you the client decide to have contact with Leanne at Cotswold Wedding Hair & Makeup through phone calls or messaging, in which case your number will be kept to respond to your requests.

Address - your address will be taken only if you require Leanne at Cotswold Wedding Hair & Makeup to attend your address for your trial or for the morning of your wedding. Otherwise, this is not needed and will not be taken.

Email address - This is used regulary for contact in order to have a record of conversation in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. This may also be used after your wedding for Cotswold Wedding Hair & Makeup to contact you regarding reviews/testimonials or award voting.

Banking details - This will only be taken if a refund is required, otherwise these details will not be taken.

Other - personal details such as allergy information or medical conditions - This is taken to ensure your safety.

Other non personal details will also be taken, this includes, where the wedding is to be held, time of ceremony, party numbers and general information about the event. This is essential to ensure the best possible service is provided.

How long is this information kept for?

All personal details will be destroyed within 6 months of your wedding date except your name and email address, which will be kept for a maximum of 2 years after your wedding date. (To be used for reviews/testimonials and award voting).

How is this information kept?

All details discussed via email are kept in an email record which is accessed through password and fingerprint protected devices. Names are written in a personal diary in order to keep track of schedule. An information form is filled out at the time of your trial, this will include personal details and information about your wedding, this is kept in a file and stored in a locked filing cabinet.

Who can access this information?

Leanne at Cotswold Wedding Hair & Makeup is the only person who will gather your personal information, store it and have access to it. If an assistant is required for your wedding day, the assistant will only be given details about the services to be provided on your wedding day, location and time of your wedding, and your first name.

How is information destroyed?

Any digital information will be deleted. Any hand writted details will be shredded.

Can your information be destroyed sooner?

If you would like your information to be destroyed sooner than the time periods given please email requesting your information to be destroyed, this will be confirmed back with a final acknowledgement email before your information is destroyed immediately after.

If you have any further questions on how your information is used, kept, stored and destroyed please feel free to contact Leanne at or use the form on the contact page.